Hospitality is one of the most important sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, so we have given it a special priority, and we have established specialized and distinguished companies in providing the best services with the highest standards and quality required.

The unique design of the Plattso Hall, with an area of up to 8,000 m², is inspired by a Roman-style design with carved columns and domes, marble and copper-trimmed floors, and a luxurious lantern decorated with 30,000 candles to enhance the level of luxury you desire in different events.


Al Haramain Road, Al Waha,
Saudi Arabia Jeddah 22631
Work Time:
Saturday – Thursday
Morning : 9Am – 12Pm | Evening : 4Pm – 11Pm
Friday : 4Pm – 10.30Pm

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  • Facebook:palazzo_ballroom
  • Phone 1 :+966 01 26754433
  • Phone 2 :+966 5 33479020

When You Need A Logistics Company, Plato Supply Warehouse Is The Perfect Choice, Which Will Provide You With All Types Of Catering, Whatever The Size Of The Supply You Need, All In Accordance With Clear Policies And In Accordance With The Highest ISO Quality Standards.


Saudi Arabia,
Jeddah City
Work Time:
Sunday – Thursday 8Am – 5Pm
Saturday 10Am – 5Pm
Friday OFF

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  • Facebook:1'ST JEEM
  • Phone 1 :+966 11 1111111
  • Phone 2 :+966 11 1111111